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Welcome to Washington, D.C. Inner City Outings (“DC ICO”)!
Washington, D.C. Inner City Outings (“D.C. ICO”) is a community outreach program of the Sierra Club that provides wilderness adventures for low-income youth of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds who might otherwise not have them. D.C. ICO promotes personal development by linking cultures, fostering respect of self and for others, and providing leadership skills. D.C. ICO also promotes appreciation and protection of the local and global environments.
Certified Outing Leaders, all of whom are volunteers and are trained in recreational, outdoor, and safety skills, and environmental education, lead D.C. outings. Outing Volunteers, who assist the Outing Leaders, typically are members of the Sierra Club or Greater DC Cares [link to GDCC website], but need not be. Each of our volunteer teams contains of a mix of environmental enthusiasts, volunteers experienced with at-risk youth, and first-time volunteers.
You can get more information about how to get involved by contacting Chrissy Prosperi, our New Volunteer Coordinator, at the email address below.
Each D.C. ICO outing group does one outing per month. Our current outing groups run primarily day trips with children between the ages of 6 and 14. More information on these groups can be found by clicking on the links on the right side of this page. Activities are tailored to the interests of each outing group and typically include hiking, canoeing, swimming, camping, or other environmental education activities.
Most of our activities do not require any financial contribution from volunteers (and are always free for our youth participants). When an activity involves an entrance or admission fee that we cannot get waived, we sometimes ask volunteers to pay for themselves and to consider sponsoring one or more children. If that is not possible, D.C. ICO will pay for everyone. We do not want money to be a barrier to participation for anyone. In addition, some outing groups will ask volunteers to bring their own lunch, or bring something to contribute to a group lunch.
After participating on a few outings, we encourage Outing Volunteers to begin working toward certification as an Outing Leader. Our certified Outing Leaders join an outing group-specific team to help organize the outings for that group. Many of our Outing Leaders also take a role in the administration of D.C. ICO, including assisting with environmental education planning, fundraising, or volunteer development efforts, etc.
We hope you will consider volunteering your time to D.C. ICO to help us continue to enrich the lives of youth in Washington, D.C. Thank you for your support!
Kris Unger
DC ICO Chair
Note:  If you are interested in outings for adults, please visit the Sierra Club's Potomac Region Outings (SC PRO) website:

For more information, visit the web site.


For more information, contact:

Chrissy Prosperi
Washington, DC

Program Areas

Washington, D.C. Inner City Outings programs include the following areas:


Cesar Chavez Charter School. DC ICO program with students from the Cesar Chavez Charter School - the Chavez Prep MS campus, in Columbia Heights. We are partnered with Diverse Youth Outings, a BLM initiative.

Columbia Heights. DC ICO is partnering with DC Cares to start an outings program in Columbia Heights.

Children's Program. Take children, ages 6-12, out of their urban settings on environmental outings.

  • Highland Addition Outings. Take at-risk children from the Highland low-income housing project in Annacostia on outings. (Highland Addition)
  • Wheeler Creek. Take children 6-12 from Wheeler Creek housing development in Anacostia on outings (Wheeler Creek)
(Children 6-12 years old, Environmental Education, Homelessness)

Teen/Groundworks Program. Take teenagers, ages 13-19, on environmental outings.

  • Accessible Wilderness Project. Take disabled teenagers on overnight outings
  • Environmental Education. Bring EE to our outings
Fundraising. Help us raise funds to support our work with at-risk children.

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