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The Highland Addition Community Center serves the residents of the Highland townhouse apartments in the Anacostia area of southeast Washington, DC. The center operates from within one of the units donated by the city. The 100 or so children served by the center live in the Highland complex. Most of the Highland residents receive Section-8 housing assistance. In 1995, The Highland Addition Resident Council Members had a desire/brainchild to improve the quality of live of all within their community. The Highland Addition Community Center was birthed out of the hearts of Brenda G. Wright and Gloria E. Thurman. It was their attempt to bring forth hope, unity and a place where the residents could have peace of mind. They wanted to make a difference in the Highland Addition Community, which seemed to be over taken with despair and hopelessness. Few children dreamt of bright futures they fought one another and they planned funerals. Few young people graduated with honors or scholarships instead they became parents, crewmembers and wards of the courts. Few young men went to college or to work instead they hung on the corners, sat drinking on the stomps and shooting dice on the black top. Most of our parents were frustrated and our seniors were afraid to go out side their homes. The center was to be a haven for all those that wanted a place to relax, to create, to grow and for awhile to not be frightened by the crime, the violence or the unknown. In the past five years we have accomplished a lot.

  • Our after school-tutoring program has helped to improve the grades and behavior of some students.
  • Our Environmental Awareness and Violence Prevention programs helped young adults to learn how to share and become accountable to themselves and others.
  • Our computer class has given some mothers and other residents the encouragement they needed to learn the computer or to enroll in GED classes so that they can obtain employment.
  • Our screen-printing program has given some youth and young adults a marketable skill as well as provided them with something positive to do in their community. We have touched hundreds of lives through the many programs, projects, trips, workshops and other activities that we have made available to the residents.


    For more information, contact:

    Brenda Wright / Gloria Thurman
    916 Wahler Place
    Washington, DC 20032
    (202) 373-1871


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